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Our Commitment To Health & Safety In the Workplace

The foundation of a successful Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) is understanding and mitigating the risks associated with hazards and/or hazard sources encountered while performing work tasks. Ultimately, this means having processes in place that help leaders and the workforce identify and apply necessary controls. Panax Oil & Gas Inc. has many tools in its HSMS toolbox that, when used effectively, help eliminate and/or minimize risks.

A Continuous-Improvement Approach

Panax sets out annual health and safety targets and critical strategies that measure leading and lagging indicators as well as effective completion strategies. As a result of this continuous-improvement approach, our employees and contractors have a safe work environment, and we maintain our Certificate of Recognition for meeting occupational health & safety standards from the Province of Alberta.

Employee In a Safe Industrial Workplace

Health & Safety Focus

By working safely and fulfilling responsibilities, everyone who works at or for Panax shares the benefits of a safe and healthy workplace. The following vital considerations have gone into the development of our HSMS:

  • Commitment to conducting our jobs in a manner that protects the safety of employees
  • Dedication to providing a work environment in compliance with the highest level of industry standards and applicable legislation
  • Safety is never compromised for the benefit of cost, schedule, or productivity
  • Supporting a spirit of consultation and cooperation with workers
COR Logo Ensuring the health and safety of employees, contractors, and the general public, as well as protecting the environment, is at the core of Panax's values and ultimately ensures the success of the organization. "Exceptional Execution" means that people and the environment remain unharmed. We accept our obligation to ensure that no harm comes to employees, customers, property, the environment, and the public. Panax develops its policies to ensure everything reasonable and practical is done to provide the educational, mechanical, and physical means to safeguard these precious commodities.